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June 24, 2009
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Hikaru Shidou :: MKR by WindoftheStars Hikaru Shidou :: MKR by WindoftheStars
Holy cow I haven't updated in how many months. Life has been... in the way.

None the less here is a new costume that debuted during Fanime 09. Our MKR group won Best of Division: Best Group Craftsmanship! Good job team. :love:

In case you are not familar with this series, this is Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knights Rayearth. This is her final armor version from the end of the series.

Photo by Leonard, LJinto on

Construction Notes
The armor was made out of fiberglass. This was my first time working this material and I must say it was a learning experience! I had to cast my chest to get the right size of the chest plates. They are held together with large snaps and elastic. It is actually pretty comfy. The shoulder armor is mainly fiberglass as well, the gold parts are craft foam. The cape is attached to the armor via Velcro and feeds through an opening in the back just like the art work!

Sword is made craft foam, paper clay, foam board, dowl rod, fiberglass, and bondo.

The knee armor and wrist thing are made of craft foam. Boots were purchased off e-bay.

The head piece is made of ABS plastic, the horn part was sculpted and then casted out of plastic. The gem on the front is casted out of resin and the gold frame was also casted out of plastic.

The dress was tricky with the black design. Pattern was modified (heavily) from a coat pattern. It is made of casa satin and velvet. Gold trim is gold vinyl. The gold vinyl was also used on the bottom for the gold "armor" looking pieces.

Gloves were made of white vinyl.

All gems on the costume were casted from Epoxy resin. Check out my tutorial video on how to cast here -->
[link] (part one)
[link] (part two)

Wig is a Scruffy and extention in Dark Pink from Cosworx.
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KuroiChoucho Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Very well done :)
Xxdark-symphonyxX Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
I am planing on making this cosplay. What all did you use to make it? (ie. what patterns, or how you made it) The main thing I need to know about is how to make the armor the rest I could find out how to do myself.
BakuchanBaku Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011   Digital Artist
Do you think that you could perhaps note me a more detailed discription about the making of the sword? And it's absolutely wonderful cosplay!
WindoftheStars Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! I don't have the time to write out that length of description. Sorry!
BakuchanBaku Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012   Digital Artist
It's fine! Thank you!
mimiru Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
This is the sort of craftsmanship level I dream of reaching one day. Every time I see someone pull it off this well it inspires me to keep working toward that. Your costume is beautiful! *_____* Also your notes are really helpful, so thank you for sharing the construction list with everyone!
WindoftheStars Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Aww thank you. I'm so happy that it inspires you and that my notes helped you. :)
Lexedur Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
Excelente, muy hermoso.
WindoftheStars Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
:D Thank you!
Lexedur Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
De nada ^^
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